Add Unique Touches to a Funeral

When a Young Child Loses a Parent: Funeral Ideas & Alternatives

According to a survey of children who lost their parents at a young age, none of the children who attended their parents’ funerals had any regrets, but three-quarters of those who did not attend their parent’s funeral, regretted not going. Based on this data, young children may benefit from attending a parent’s funeral, but if you are planning the funeral and have misgivings about their attendance, you may want to consider a few child-friendly alternatives to funerals.

1. Small gathering to share memories about the parent

A child who loses his or her parent needs some time to commune with others as they remember his or her parent and honor the deceased. Instead of a funeral or in addition to a funeral, consider having a time where everyone can share memories of the deceased. Children need to talk about their lost parents; it helps them navigate through the process …

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