Add Unique Touches to a Funeral

Thoughtful Life Celebration Additions Every Cremation Customer Should Consider

When you make arrangements to have your loved one cremated after the have passed away, you will have the choice to have a traditional funeral or just hold a memorial or life celebration service at the funeral home or even at a private location if you choose. Life celebration and memorial services are a more modern approach and are commonly associated with cremation. If you are looking for ideas to ensure grieving guests are left with the best impressions of their lost loved one, there are a few thoughtful additions that you should consider making a part of the event. 

Create a memory jar for guests to contribute to and enjoy. 

A memory jar is an enjoyable and inexpensive way to keep guests occupied at a life celebration. Grab a large jar or container and affix a photo of the deceased loved one on the outside. Place a sign …

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Handy Tips for Cost Cutting When Planning Funeral Services on a Budget

As much as funeral services are one of the emotionally toughest events to arrange, they also tend to be the most expensive. Just as you would have to budget for a significant occasion such as a wedding, the same thoroughness has to be done for burial services. However, when a loved one passes away it does not mean you have to break the bank to honor their life. Here are some handy tips to cut costs when planning funeral services on a budget.

Cut down the amount of time allocated for visitation

When a loved one passes away, one would try to make the most of their last days before their remains are laid to rest by having numerous opportunities of visitation from the loved ones of the deceased. Although this gives ample time for people to pay their respects, it also means you will be paying a lot more …

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When a Young Child Loses a Parent: Funeral Ideas & Alternatives

According to a survey of children who lost their parents at a young age, none of the children who attended their parents’ funerals had any regrets, but three-quarters of those who did not attend their parent’s funeral, regretted not going. Based on this data, young children may benefit from attending a parent’s funeral, but if you are planning the funeral and have misgivings about their attendance, you may want to consider a few child-friendly alternatives to funerals.

1. Small gathering to share memories about the parent

A child who loses his or her parent needs some time to commune with others as they remember his or her parent and honor the deceased. Instead of a funeral or in addition to a funeral, consider having a time where everyone can share memories of the deceased. Children need to talk about their lost parents; it helps them navigate through the process …

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